Thunderbird welcomes 636 new students to campus

September 28, 2010

Thunderbird School of Global Management welcomes 636 new students this fall from 58 countries, including the first students ever to attend Thunderbird from Eritrea and Georgia.

Incoming students are enrolled in a variety of Thunderbird graduate-degree programs including the traditional and accelerated MBA, MS and MA in Global Management, and each of the four Global MBA programs.

Thunderbird’s newer programs, including the Master of Arts and Master of Science in Global Management, are gaining popularity in the world with more countries represented than ever before, increasing the number of countries represented by 10, from 26 to 36. Enrollment in full-time MBA programs climbed from 51 countries represented in 2009 to 53 countries in 2010.

The Executive MBA-Glendale welcomes 48 students from diverse professional backgrounds, including two military veterans and working professionals from various fields, such as architecture, chemical engineering and healthcare.

Overall, 76 countries are represented by students enrolled in Thunderbird degree programs in fall 2010.

“We are not just global, we are truly global,” said Thunderbird Professor David Bowen, Ph.D., the school’s chief academic officer and dean.

Forty-nine percent of Thunderbird students hold citizenship outside the United States, but Bowen said the school’s diversity runs deeper than this. Many students have lived, worked and traveled all over the world — not just in their home countries. In addition, many Thunderbird students are naturalized U.S. citizens from other countries.

Ravi Thotapalli, a new student in Thunderbird’s Executive MBA program, moved to the United States from India in 1998 and became a U.S. citizen this year. Ilaha Eli Omar, a new student in Thunderbird’s Global MBA On-Demand distance learning program, is a naturalized U.S. citizen from Afghanistan.

For incoming students in the full-time MBA programs, the mean age remained 28 for the third year in a row.

Incoming students in the full-time MBA programs averaged 4.9 years of work experience, and their mean GMAT score was 610.

Enrollment by citizenship
Thunderbird students in fall 2010 have citizenship in 76 countries. Here are the top 10 countries by enrollment:

1. United States: 577
2. Mexico: 180
3. India: 140
4. Colombia: 48
5. China: 41
6. Taiwan: 28
7. Peru: 18
8. South Korea: 17
9. Brazil: 14
10. United Kingdom: 13

In photos: Thunderbird students carrying the flags of their home counties during Foundations week
In video: Meet a few of our new Executive MBA students