Thunderbird President joins Washington Post leadership panel

October 16, 2009

Online discussion established in response to global financial crisis

Thunderbird School of Global Management President Ángel Cabrera has been invited to join the Washington Post “On Leadership Panel” as a regular contributor to questions posed on the latest topics and trends related to leadership as the world emerges from the global financial crisis.

Cabrera is featured this week weighing in on whether there should be a Nobel Prize for CEOs, what the criterion should be and who, today, might qualify for such an award.

“The global financial crisis has provided painful evidence of the enormous responsibility business leaders hold, not only within their companies, but in society at large. Managers have incredible power to create or destroy value, and in so doing, affect the lives of millions of people,” he says in support of such a prize. “A Nobel Prize for Global Leadership could help celebrate extraordinary individuals from large-scale business or social organizations who serve as role models and inspire millions of future executives and entrepreneurs to contribute to the greater good.”

Hosted by Raju Narisetti, managing editor at The Post and Steve Pearlstein, The Post’s Pulitzer Prize-winning business and economics columnist, On Leadership was established in response to the economic crisis and with the hope of serving as an open and lively forum for a discussion of what makes for great leadership. Discussions about leadership most often are conducted in the context of specific fields of endeavor — government and politics, business, the arts, education, the non-profit sector, sports and the military. At On Leadership, the Post’s mission is to break down the walls between silos by getting experts and readers with varying backgrounds and perspectives to address the same topics at the same time and at the same place. The aim is to tap into real-world knowledge, understanding and experience and apply it, in real time, to an online conversation about developments.

Cabrera is a world-renowned global leader and management educator whose work and expertise has been recognized and tapped by top international organizations including the World Economic Forum and the United Nations. He serves as a senior advisor to the United Nations and in that role chaired the international taskforce that developed the “Principles for Responsible Management Education,” a voluntary framework to promote global corporate citizenship subscribed to by more than 200 business schools worldwide, including Thunderbird.

An outspoken advocate of corporate social responsibility and managerial professionalism, in 2005 he inspired a student-led initiative that resulted in Thunderbird becoming the first business school in the world to formally adopt a Professional Oath of Honor, a commitment to social responsibility and professional ethics taken by all graduating students.  Also in 2005, the school established Thunderbird for Good, a philanthropic effort to provide business education to entrepreneurs in developing countries. Since then, more than one hundred women entrepreneurs have been trained in Afghanistan and Jordan and new programs are under development in Africa and Latin America.

Cabrera also blogs about leadership in his Global Leaders Can Be Made blog on the Thunderbird Knowledge Network.