Thunderbird Partners with the Peace Corps to Combine Volunteer Service with Graduate Studies

December 16, 2010

Thunderbird School of Global Management has partnered with the Peace Corps to give selected students the opportunity to combine graduate studies with Peace Corps volunteer service.

The new partnership is a part of the Peace Corps’ Master’s International program, which allows volunteers to combine Peace Corps service with a master’s degree program and receive credit for their Peace Corps service abroad. Participants must apply to Peace Corps and Thunderbird School of Global Management separately.

“The Peace Corps welcomes Thunderbird School of Global Management to the Master’s International program,” said Peace Corps Director Aaron S. Williams. “With this new partnership, our volunteers – who will also be Thunderbird students — will be able to meet the worldwide demand for highly skilled professionals, who will in turn bring the Peace Corps experience back to leadership positions in the United States and abroad.”

“Partnering with the Peace Corps for this new program allows Thunderbird to further deliver on its mission of educating global leaders who create sustainable prosperity worldwide,” said Thunderbird Chief Academic Officer and Dean David Bowen. “Thunderbird’s core values of global citizenship, cultural understanding, and societal impact through business go hand-in-hand with the Peace Corps mission to create peace and friendship across borders by providing training and services to people in emerging economies.”

Participants in more than 80 Peace Corps Master’s International programs typically finish one year of graduate school in the U.S. before earning additional academic credit while serving as Peace Corps volunteers abroad. Upon their return, Master’s International participants complete any remaining academic degree requirements. Many of Masters International partner schools also offer volunteers financial benefits such as scholarships and reduced tuition. Further information on Master’s International is available at