Thunderbird launches angel network

October 19, 2010

The Thunderbird School of Global Management has launched its first angel network, dedicated to introducing qualified investors to early-stage and emerging entrepreneurial companies that possess characteristics that suggest the potential for rapid growth.

The Thunderbird Angel Network was born from the vision of people associated with Thunderbird School of Global Management’s Walker Center for Global Entrepreneurship to develop a robust network of investors and entrepreneurs among Thunderbird’s network of alumni, students and friends. The organization serves as a forum for its members, who choose to invest individually from their personal funds. It will also offer educational opportunities to its members from national and local experts on topics related to investment and entrepreneurship. 

“Angel networks provide financing opportunities for promising, early stage entrepreneurs with high growth market opportunities, said Dee Harris, President of the Thunderbird Angel Network. “This is an important niche as entrepreneurial companies have created the majority of jobs in the United States in the last two decades and have been powerful wealth creators for the communities in which they are based. The affiliation with Thunderbird’s Entrepreneurship program and alumni provides a unique opportunity to nurture the business ideas in the regional economy.”

The network will hold its inaugural dinner meeting Oct. 28, where three companies seeking investment have been invited to present. Enterprises to be discussed include a technology company that is producing a touch pad for controlling industrial systems, an educational video game developer, and the developer of a plug-in device that would help parents protect children online. Also invited is an early stage company that manufactures technologically advanced prostheses for feet.

The Thunderbird Angel Network is associated with the Arizona Angels and several other industry specific Angel groups.

Parties interested in joining the network or participating the inaugural dinner meeting need to reserve a space online at
For more information contact Dee Harris, President, Thunderbird Angel Network at 602-840-4078 or

Thunderbird Angel Network is a separate legal entity from Thunderbird School of Global Management.