Improve Your Global Mindset with New Handbook from No.1-Ranked Thunderbird School of Global Management

July 18, 2013

After years of measuring the skills and aptitudes that managers need to thrive in unfamiliar markets, the Najafi Global Mindset Institute (NGMI) at Thunderbird School of Global Management is providing a way to improve those increasingly important abilities with a new book titled “Developing Your Global Mindset: The Handbook for Successful Global Leaders.

In consultation with hundreds of managers and executives as well as some very senior and experienced international executive coaches, co-authors Mansour Javidan, Ph.D. and Jennie Walker, Ph.D. put together a large series of development suggestions and resources for improving all elements of Global Mindset.

“Most people have only lived and worked with people who are like themselves,” said Javidan. “Yet, today’s world of international business has brought many unicultural individuals together from many parts of the world, expecting them to work in multicultural and cross-cultural environments. This handbook gives professionals the knowledge and development tools to become successful global leaders.”

The diverse international experiences of the book’s contributing authors bring Global Mindset to life through the narratives, case studies and development ideas.

“You’ll find that all of the ideas in the handbook are specific, actionable, and they don’t usually take much time to implement,” said Walker. “In addition to a rich variety of development suggestions at your fingertips, the narratives and real life cases throughout the book illustrate the various components of Global Mindset in action.”

In 2005, Javidan and seven other Thunderbird professors with expertise in global business and cross-cultural management began to develop what would become the Global Mindset Inventory - a research-based self-assessment to determine a global leader’s ability to better influence individuals, groups and organizations unlike themselves. The researchers have collected more than 19,000 survey responses from managers all over the world, which gives them a sample size large enough to make every type of statistical analysis by gender, region, industry, job function, company size and other variables.

“The GMI quickly became a sought-after tool for global companies who wanted to make sure they were assigning the right managers for global roles and responsibilities,” said Javidan. “Now, we are going to be able to not only assess a person’s Global Mindset, but also to develop it. This handbook will push the boundaries of the reader’s current global leadership skills to identify ways to successfully influence diverse others while working within the complex and fast-paced world of global business.”

The handbook is available both as an e-book and in paperback. Complimentary sample chapter downloads and information on where to purchase the book are available at

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