Four new faculty join Thunderbird

October 21, 2010

Four new faculty members have joined Thunderbird School of Global Management. Anthony DiBella, Ph.D., joined the full-time faculty and Matt Jette, Ph.D., Kathleen Anders, Ph.D., and K. Wesley Sears-Gardner, Ph.D., have joined as adjuncts. 

DiBella will be teaching four courses this fall: Competing through People, Global Leadership, Managing People from a Global Perspective, and leadership from a Global Perspective.  Jette, Anders and Sears-Gardner will begin teaching next spring and summer.

Anthony DiBella, Ph.D., is a visiting associate professor of global leadership and organizational behavior. He is the author of two books: “How Organizations Learn: An Integrated Strategy for Building Learning Capability” (Jossey-Bass) and “Learning Practices: Assessment and Action for Organizational Improvement” (Prentice-Hall).

Formerly, DiBella established and directed the department of evaluation and management research at PLAN International, a London-based NGO operating in over 60 countries, and was president of Organization Transitions, Inc., an applied research and consulting firm. He is co-developer of the Organizational Learning Inventory and the Healthcare Learning Inventory, a founding member of the Society for Organizational Learning, and a fellow of the Society for Applied Anthropology.

Matt Jette, Ph.D., has worked in both the public and private sectors. He has worked in health care since 1998 with such pharmaceutical companies as Pfizer, Eli Lilly, and Merck. Jette left Merck to become a candidate for Arizona Governor in the 2010 gubernatorial election. He is currently working on a research project that chronicles the Republican Primary election in Arizona.

Kathleen Anders, Ph.D., has taught business and public administration to graduate and undergraduate students at the University of Alaska and Arizona State University. In addition to her academic experience, Anders was a senior analyst for the Arizona Tax Research Association, a consultant to the Alaska Legislature and a project director for international marketing for the Alaska Department of Commerce and Economic Development. She was awarded a Pacific Rim Fellowship by the Governor of Alaska and was named a Fulbright Senior Scholar to Morocco in 2004.

K. Wesley Sears-Gardner, Ph.D., is also a member of the faculty at Arizona State University.